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Keridwen integrates a Python/Jython based script engine to allow a fine control of the whole processing chain and pre-defined procedures though scripts. This function allows parametric studies to explore systematically a range of parameters and/or the research of optima. An interactive console, offering an object completion, completes the system and an interactive control of low-level function. As glue language, Jython facilitates non-intrusive interfacing with external tools and simulation kernels by top-level wrapping.

Key features

  • Headless script based control
  • Pre-defined modelling process and post-processing pipelines
  • Interactive console
  • Object completion

Embedded Technologies

  • Jython
  • JConsole

Services and Support

Artenum's team proposes a large set of services:

  • Definition of control scripts
  • Pre-configuration of parametric procedures
  • Data conversion scripts
  • Pre-defined post-processing pipeline
  • Integration of other script languages (e.g. R)
Feel free to contact us ( for further information.

The Success Stories

The Keridwen's Groups and Properties has been successfully used in the following projects:

  • SPIS
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