Service Oriented Approach (SOA)


Keridwen is based on a Service-oriented architecture (SOA) design.

SOA is a software design and software architecture design pattern based on structured collections of discrete software modules, known as services, that collectively provide the complete functionality of a large software application. Such approach aims to provide completes IMEs adapted to each business application, including by integration of complex and top-level pre-existing applications.

In the SOA approach, services are unassociated, loosely coupled units of functionality that have no calls to each other embedded in them. Each service implements one or a limited to a set of actions. Independently on the concrete implementations, services use defined protocols to describe and perform their tasks according normalised control messages. One example in scientific context is the meshing of a geometry, being performed by various meshers.

Individual SOA objects can be associated using orchestration to build-up complex and adaptable processing and modelling chains.

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