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GEFICOT, for GEo FIles COherence Tool, is a tool dedicated to check and recover the consistency of Gmsh's geo files. This includes id conflict resolution, duplicated elements removal and merge of co-localised construction nodes. GEFICOT is an open source software project supported by Artenum.


GEFICOT aims to correct easily some issues you can encounter with geo files and thus is made of several functions.

Id conflict resolution

This function can be useful for example when using the include file possibility of Gmsh and that the two files have some elements that have the same ids. This tool will modify the second file to be sure that there is no conflict with the first one.

Duplicates removal

This function can be used to suppress duplicated elements. Two modes are available :

  • the first one tries to automatically remove all elements that are duplicated
  • the second one takes in account a maximum distance to consider two elements as duplicates
GEFICOT will analyse the given file and create a new file where the duplicates are replaced by a new element. GEFICOT also handles the physicals defined in Gmsh : it replaces all occurences of the duplicated elements in the physicals definition by the new created elements.


To access GEFICOT, a user registration to the Artenum website is mandatory.


GEFICOT is available for download here for registered users.

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