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Welcome to the central Artenum LibreSource server. On this server you will find our OpenSource projects :
  • Keridwen, the Integrated Modelling Environment;
  • Cassandra, the 3D Scientific Data Viewer based on VTK/Java/Jython;
  • Penelope is a 3D mesh library written in Java and providing a high level API for mesh manipulation;
  • Frida is a library to store and manage generic physical and numerical properties being applied to objects;
  • JyConsole, the advanced Java graphic console dedicated to Jython;
  • JRosetta, the advanced Java graphic console for all JSR270 compliant scripting languages;
  • ArtTk, the graphic library for scientific and technical applications;
  • ABT project, the Python based multi platform installer and build tool;
  • several Plug-ins for the ImageJ image processing software.
The LibreSource project is hosted on his own server :

The SPIS-UI project, corner stone of a forthcoming Integrated Modeling Environment IME, is hosted on the community site

Thanks to our R&D, Artenum has developed softwares and services designed to facilitate production and animation of industrial and scientific projects. Most of our commercial offers and developments integrate our software components. Trainings complete our commercial offers, in order the client to master and exploit our products quickly.

Artenum proposes customized support and development services. Our OpenSource approach leads to a capitalization of the know-how, an optimization of research cost by mutualization and an improvement of the software quality and reliability.

Most of our softwares are OpenSource and available under QPL license. Thus, they can be integrated to other OpenSource products with no further constraints. User and developer licences help integrate products developed by Artenum in other proprietary projects, on the same level as any software product, based on the client’s request, and if the proposed solution corresponds to the client’s requirements.

To visite the Artenum for services, close-source development license and on-demande developments :

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