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JRosetta provides a common base for graphical components that could be used to build a graphical console in Swing with the latest requirements, such as command history, completion and so on, for instance for scripting language or command line. This project can be seen as the evolution of the components developed in JyConsole. For now, JRosetta provides only API and graphical components. A Jython implementation for the scripting engine should be available soon.


  • Generic abstract API for script engine
  • Completion window.
  • Command history.
  • Highly customisable, with external XML descriptor file. (Allow to specify the script engine to use, colors, font, shortcut...)

Platform compatibility

  • JRosetta has been developed in pure Java, but relies on a JVM 1.5.
  • No specific hardware is needed.

JRosetta uses and contributions

  • JRosetta is used in Scilab as their future console. The Scilab team also contributes to the evolution of this library.


For further information, please contact us at the following adress : contact at


Addtionnal services and commercial supports are available, please see :

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