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Frida is a library to store and manage generic physical and numerical properties being applied to objects. Frida includes a set of tools like properties editors. Frida is a part of the Keridwen project.

Fully written in Java, Frida is dedicated to allow users to defined IBC (Initial and Boundary Conditions) or material properties in numerical models during the pre-processing phase of their modelling processes. For meshed objects, like geometrical systems, Frida can map each of the characteristics of linked Properties onto the corresponding sub-sets of the mesh as DataFields in the Penelope mesh library. Characteristics of Properties are then available as simple fields deployed and the mesh and can be easily passed to all can of classic simulation kernel, like simple arrays and/or values mapped on meshes.

Frida's Properties can gather a large set of types of Characteristics (e.g. Double, Integer, String, Objects…). Frida’s structure is very generic and extensible. It is also possible to store tabulated functions and series of values using the SeriesOfDoubleCharactristics and TupleOfDoubleCharacteristic classes for tabulated values.

Properties can be agregated in order to compose compound Properties from pre-existing ones, in order to facilitate the progressive extension of the database. An XML based persistence scheme allows save and reload handled Properties in a very efficient and reliable way.

A Groups and Properties List Editor, runnable as standalone application either as Keridwen module (OSGI based) is available in the frame of the Keridwen IME.

Services and support

Frida is a product of the Artenum Company. We provides a large set of services and support related to Frida. Our offer includes online support, trainings, on-demand developments and close-source development license.

Please visite the Artenum Web site or contact us ( for further information.

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