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Keridwen is an open-source project and a professional tool.

To facilitate the use of Keridwen by our users, the Artenum team proposes a set of services and support.

Most of them are part of the general Artenum services offer and are detailed on the services pages of the Artenum Web site. Some others are specific to given modules, please refer to the modules page for more detail.

Feel free to contact us for further information.

Software support

  • On demand software development
  • Tailored and business User Inteface (UI) design and development
  • Dedicated Keridwen-based bundles development
  • Pre- and post-processing tools
  • Software deployment and optimisation
  • Simulation kernels integration
  • Identification and review of adapted external software technologies

Scientific computing expertise

  • Expertise and support on modelling process definition and services orchestration
  • Support to user and software requirements identification
  • Simulation kernels integration
  • Expertise and support in data model definition and data conversion
  • Numerical optimisation
  • Development of tailored pre- and post-processing tools
  • CAD and geometrical modelling
  • Mesh edition and correction
  • Software validation
Training and courses
  • On demand mutualised or dedicated training
Feel free to contact us for further information.

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