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Executing GEFICOT

Precise commands are detailed in the next section. Anyway, to use GEFICOT, simply go into the folder where the software is and type in a terminal:

./ [commands] on Linux/Mac OSX
Geficot.bat [commands] on Windows systems
where the [commands] are replaced by the action you want to perform. In the next paragraphs, the two commands (./ and geficot.bat) will be replaced by the generic "geficot" command. GEFICOT comes with a simple help integrated, to use it type geficot -h.

Id conflict resolution

This function can be useful for example when using the include file possibility of Gmsh and that the two files have some elements that have the same ids. This tool will modify the second file to be sure that there is no conflict with the first one. The commmand to execute it is:

geficot c file1.geo file2.geo result.geo

Duplicates removal

This function can be used to suppress duplicated elements. Two modes are available, the first one tries to automatically remove all elements that are duplicated. The second one takes in account a maximum distance to consider two elements as duplicates. The commands to execute it are (d: duplicates/m: manual)

geficot d file.geo result.geo
geficot m file.geo result.geo distance

GEFICOT will analyse the "file.geo" and create a version "result.geo" where the duplicates are replaced by a new element. GEFICOT also handles the physicals defined in Gmsh : it replaces all occurences of the duplicated elements in the physicals definition by the new created elements.

General remarks

To ensure a correct reading of geo files by GEFICOT, a good practice is to use Gmsh to unroll the file that contains complex features. To do so, open the file in Gmsh, select save as, select the format "Geometry - Gmsh Unrolled GEO" and another name to avoid unwanted overwriting. Common issues encountered with files that are not unrolled concerns the multi lines comment that are not correctly interpreted.

Technical overview

GEFICOT is using the Keridwen-CAD module, part of the Integrated Modeling Environment (IME) Keridwen. The Keridwen-CAD module is able to read a geo file into its own data model. This possibility facilitates the modification of a geo file in the GEFICOT context.

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