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Several functionnal modules and runnable applications are based on Penelope. Some of theses tools are released as standalone applications or as OSGi tools in the Keridwen project.
  • DataFields mapping and handling Penelope integrates rich fields handling capabilities, with the possibility to support various types of data (i.e. scalars and vectors fields, set of objects....) deployed on the mesh. Data might be localised on nodes, edges, surfaces as well on cells, and numerous conversion operator allow to pass from one data structure to another one or between formats (e.g. Mesh, NetCDF, VTK...).

  • Mesh Inspector The Keridwen's Mesh Inspector is a runnable application and an OSGi module based on Penelope dedicated to inspect, check and fix volume and surface unstructured meshes. Analysis modules (i.e. analyser) are integrated as plugins and can be easily extended and tailored applications.
The Keridwen's Mesh Inspector is integrated to pre-processing tools of the SPIS software and is available in the frame of the Keridwen project.

  • Raytracing module Penelope integrates a new general-purpose high performances raytracing engine supporting various type of particles and particle/matter interactions, in surface as well in volume. The raytracing module of Penelope has already been used for several applications from shadowing computation in space environment to sector shielding analysis for radiations effect modelling.
It is also used in various CAD tools for collisions detections and intersections computations. An example of such application is the automatic landing module of the SPIS application, where the lander/Moon surface intersection is automatically computed using the raytracing engine.

A presentation of first validation results has been presented at the SPINE meeting march 2016, ESA HQ, Paris.

  • GEFICOT, for GEo FIles COherence Tool, is a tool dedicated to check and recover the consistency of Gmsh's geo files. This includes id conflict resolution, duplicated elements removal and merge of co-localised construction nodes. GEFICOT is based on Penelope and the CAD module of Keridwen.

  • Mesh2Geo converter is an command-line tool able to rebuild to a B-Rep based CAD model (in Gmsh's geo format) from a surface mesh. This allows to edit, correct or remesh a geometry according to specific needs.

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