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The Message Driven Controller module is a low-level component dedicated to be integrated as a central controller of your application. It is especially adapted for multi OSGi-bundles designs with a loose coupling between bundles.

The Message Driven Controller allows to propagate actions from one module to another or many other ones in a simple manner and introduces an abstraction layer facilitating the software interoperability.

Each action command is associated with an event. Each controller registers itself into a central dispatcher. For each action, each event is sent to a central dispatcher. The dispatcher redirects the events to the appropriate bundle controllers. The controller executes the corresponding command in is own thread pool.

Key Features

  • Dynamic loading: event/command associations are registered dynamically. Bundles can be replaced on the fly
  • Loose coupling: the "client" bundle does not necessarily depend on the "provider".
  • Out-of-the-box "command" design pattern: the implementation of the action to perform is encapsulated in the command. Provides straightforward ways to undo the action and monitor its progress
  • Message driven control
  • Multi-threaded
  • Synchronous/Asynchronous calls
  • Progress monitoring

Services and Support

The Artenum's team is at your disposition for the integration of the Keridwen's Message Driven Controller into your application, expertise or trainings.

Feel free to contact us for further information.

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