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The Kerdiwen Hierarchical Data Model is a low-level component that can be used to define a hierarchized and modular data models.

The Keridwen Hierarchical Data Model is organized around a modular tree structure that can be adapted to the specific needs of each application field. The various data are linked to each node. Each node is directly in charge of the reading/writing of its own linked data. Thanks to this modular approach, it can be easily extended to various domains of application.

Data are then stored into a self-consistent and robust workspace or storage project, gathering all tailored data organized into structured sub-directories.

A lazy loading/writing mechanism allows to load and write nodes progressively and on-demand in order to optimize the disk access, on one hand, and maintaining the cross-consistency between the memory and disk images.

Key Features

  • Hierarchical and modular data structure
  • Various available node readers/writers:
    • ASCII files
    • Gmsh CAD formats
    • Gmhs Mesh formats
    • NetCDF-based Penelope format
  • Lazy instanciation
  • On-demand node-by-node loading/saving

Services and Support

On demand the Keridwen's Hierarchical Data Model can be adapted and extended to all tailored and specific application:

  • Definition of dedicated tree structure
  • Development and integration of tailored readers/writers
  • Interfacing with other persistency scheme, like databases
  • Data conversion
Feel free to contact us for further information.

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