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Keridwen offers a rich and extensible Graphical User Interface (GUI) based on the Docking Frames system. Fully multi-platform, the Keridwen main GUI can be easily extended and adapted to the specific needs of each project. Pre-existing applications, with their own GUI, can be easily integrated in order to build a unified interface.

Key Features

  • Dockable frames system
  • Resizable and configurable GUI
  • Perspectives
  • Simplified integration of Swing and Java based graphical applications
  • Integration of the 3D rendering (VTK-based)

Embedded Technologies

The Success Stories

The Keridwen's Groups and Properties has been successfully used in the following projects:

  • SPIS

Services and Support

The Artenum team proposes a large set of services around this modules:

  • Adaptation and extension of the Keridwen main GUI to tailored applications;
  • Integration of pre-existing user interfaces;
  • Wizards and perspective configuration
Feel free to contact us for further information.

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