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In order to model a physical system, most numerical simulation software require the use of an accurate geometrical representation in 3D of the system and its boundaries. Computer Aided Design (CAD) tools are widely used to model such geometrical domains. Keridwen offers tools to import, visualise and edit CAD files.

Key Features

Interactive Functions

Keridwen CAD module gives the user the possibility to:

  • Import geometries defined in a large variety of formats (Gmsh .geo files, STEP, IGES, B-Rep, etc.)
  • Import tessellated geometries and convert them in CAD files from various file formats (STL, msh)
  • Visualise 3D geometries thanks to its advanced Cassandra viewer
  • Convert CAD files to VTK files for visualisation and post-processing
  • Create new files from pre-defined configurable CAD templates
  • Automatic import of nested .geo files
  • Tesselated surfaces reconstruction from clouds of points by kriging interpolation

A powerful data-model

Keridwen CAD module has its own data model that contains:

  • A generic CSG model
  • A generic B-Rep model
  • A conversion mechanism from one model to the other

Embedded Technologies

Services and Supports

On demand, Artenum can provide a large set of services around these functions, including:

  • New CAD file formats support for import (GDML, etc.)
  • New CAD file formats support for export
  • New geometry templates
  • Dynamic edition of the displayed geometries
  • Better visualisation and customisation of the view (colours and styles settings for instance)
  • Advanced operations on CAD files (rotation, scaling, merging, extrusion, etc.)
Feel free to contact us for further information.

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