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In almost every modelling software, the user has to set general parameters for the numerical simulation. There are often tens or hundreds of those parameters that can be of different natures.

Keridwen Global Parameters Editor offers to simplify the setting of the simulation parameters by providing a pre-built graphical user interface. This user interface displays parameters of different natures (String, doubles, floats, integers, etc.) in editable arrays, each array corresponding to a given category of parameters. The arrays and categories are built automatically and dynamically from the global parameters description file, making it easy to adapt to virtually any simulation kernel.

Key Features

Keridwen Global Parameters editor provides the following features:

  • Generate from the parameters file and editable graphical user interface to dynamically modify, add or delete any parameter
  • Organize the global parameters by category
  • Filter parameters depending on a “verbosity” level
  • Array columns sorting
  • Import/export from/to XML or Microsoft Excel documents
  • Check the consistency of the parameter setting

Embedded Technologies

  • JExcelApi is used to import/export global parameters from/to Microsoft Excel files.

Services and Support

On demand, Artenum can provide a large set of services around these functions, for instance:

  • Implementing advanced parameters consistency checks, depending on the physics and the numerical kernel of your application
  • Implementing automatic update of given parameters depending on others
  • Developing new import/export formats
  • Support of advanced parameter types
  • Adapt the user interface to specific needs (form, editable graph)
Feel free to contact us for further information.

Use case

Keridwen Global parameters editor has been successfully integrated in the following operational applications:

  • SPIS: To configure a SPIS simulation, there are hundreds of global parameters to set. These parameters range from physical to numerical settings and can be very complex to apprehend for new users. This is why SPIS needed features like the ones provided by Keridwen Global Parameters Editor.

    Verbosity level filtering is used to hide advanced settings from beginners. The organisation of parameters by category also facilitates the reading and setting of the parameters. Sorting the column in ascending or descending order finally simplifies the search of a specific parameter in the list.

    For advanced users, there is also the possibility to dynamically edit the list of global parameters by deleting existing parameters or adding new ones.

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