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The configuration of a numerical simulation requires setting a lot of different parameters. In most simulation software, a geometrical model has to be defined and meshed, initial and boundary conditions have to be allocated to the different geometry elements. Simulation often generates a large amount of data and parametric studies lead to running several simulations in parallel.

To keep track on all those configured simulations, Keridwen Reporting provides a very elegant solution: it automatically exports the simulation settings and the results you find the most useful in an pre-formatted OpenOffice/LibreOffice document. Pre-existing templates of documents can be used.

Key Features

Keridwen Reporting feature offers the possibility to:

  • Retrieve simulation settings in various formats (arrays, strings, images, etc.)
  • Retrieve simulation results from post-processing viewers
  • Format all the retrieved data in a report store in memory
  • Export this report in various formats (OpenOffice/LibreOffice, text, PDF, etc.)

Embedded Technologies

  • ODF Toolkit to create and edit OpenOffice/LibreOffice documents

Services and Support

On demand, Artenum can provide a large set of services around these functions, including:

  • Development of advanced configuration functions to dynamically choose what should be included in the report
  • Advanced layout settings
  • New export formats support
Feel free to contact us for further information.

Use case

Keridwen reporting features have successfully been integrated in the following applications:

  • SPIS To perform a simulation in SPIS, its user has to go through the different steps of the modelling chain: he/she has to import a geometry, mesh it, allocate initial and boundary conditions to geometry groups and set the simulation parameters.
The configuration of these steps requires a large number of settings that need to be tracked efficiently across simulations. This is why Keridwen reporting has been integrated in SPIS. As illustrated on Figure below, the automatically generated report includes a global description of the simulation, a snapshot of the geometry and the mesh in 3D, an array of all the global parameters, and a few snapshot of the simulation results.

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