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Keridwen integrates a Python/Jython based script engine to allow a fine control of the whole processing chain and pre-defined procedures though scripts. This function allows parametric studies to explore systematically a range of parameters and/or the research of optima. An interactive console, offering an object completion, completes the system and an interactive control of low-level function. As glue language, Jython facilitates non-intrusive interfacing with external tools and simulation kernels by top-level wrapping.

Key features

  • Headless script based control
  • Pre-defined modelling process and post-processing pipelines
  • Interactive console
  • Object completion

Embedded Technologies

  • Jython
  • JConsole

Services and Support

Artenum's team proposes a large set of services:

  • Definition of control scripts
  • Pre-configuration of parametric procedures
  • Data conversion scripts
  • Pre-defined post-processing pipeline
  • Integration of other script languages (e.g. R)
Feel free to contact us for further information.

The Success Stories

The Keridwen's Groups and Properties has been successfully used in the following projects:

  • SPIS

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