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Keridwen aims to address needs that may appear along the whole modelling process from the modelling of the studied system to the results extraction and analysis. This may include the simulation kernel control and monitoring or simple data conversion modules or dedicated GUI. Keridwen must be seen as a general Meccano for scientific and technical applications.

The Keridwen Core package gathers an extensive set of low-level functions, like a message-driven controller or a generic hierarchical data model.

The Keridwen Tools package provides a set of advanced functions, like a simplified geometry editor, meshing tools or applications to set initial and boundary conditions. This toolbox is completed by various post-processing tools.

Click on the maps here below to access to detailed functionnalities of each bundle.

By compositions of modules, Keridwen allows to easily build-up adapted solutions:

  • Multi-physics modelling processes
  • Multi-models to address complex systems
  • Generic structures of CAD and meshing
  • Flexible and customizable graphic interfaces
  • Compatible with most of programming languages used in scientific computing (Python, Java, C / C++, Fortran ...)
  • Easy integration with external tools
  • Rich 2D and 3D visualisation tools (based on JFreeChart and VTK)

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