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Depending on your usage, Keridwen is available through several licenses schemes.

Keridwen main components

  • Keridwen for open-sources developments
Keridwen main components (i.e. Keridwen Core, Keridwen Tools, Keridwen Wrapping) are open-source and distributed under the terms of the GPL license. They can be freely used, modified and extended under the condition of GPL V2 license. Reciprocally, all developments, modifications or extensions based on these software components should be open-source and released under the terms of the GPL license.

Please see the GPL license terms for further information.

  • Keridwen for close-source developments
If, for business or confidentiality reasons, you wish to develop and extend closed-source software based on or integrating Keridwen main components (i.e. Keridwen Core, Keridwen Tools, Keridwen Wrapping), you may use Keridwen main components for close-source developments through the Keridwen Closed-Source Developer License (CSDL).

The CSDL allows you to develop and distribute your software in closed-source. The CSDL includes advanced support and services. Please see our commercial offer for further information.

Closed-source extra components

Depending on the demands of our clients and contributors or because they are still under detailed validation, some extra components, like tailored or advanced modules, may have their own licensing scheme and/or know restricted distribution rules. Some of them might be closed-source and require a commercial license.

Please contact us for more information about the available closed-source bundles.

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