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CQIA is a simple and open-source simulation software to model the thermal behaviour of simple orbital structures, like micro and nano-satellites. It has been successfully used in the past for various projects of AMSAT-France (MaŽlle, RS-17...). Written in C ANSI and based on a thermal-zone approach, CQIA is able to model the dynamic of the thermal evolutions of such structures, taking into the input orbital fluxes (Sun, Earth albedo, IR...) and the internal exchanges (conductivity, radiative exchanges).

CQIA is currently under integration into a simplified IME based on Keridwen, temporary called Keridwen Space Thermal IME. The objectives of this integration are:

  • Provide tools to perform the 3D modelling of the modelled platform (CAD);
  • Pre-compute the coupling matrix in conductivity and radiative mode (Gebhartís factors);
  • Import and pre-process the orbital informations;
  • Pre-compute the Sun exposition of external elements of the spacecraft;
  • Control the simulation;
  • Extract and post-process resulting data (temperatures, thermal fluxes and local powers).
The Keridwen Space Thermal IME aims to be released as open-source tool at the end of its development.

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