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To model a physical process, one often uses a mesh discretization of the continuous domain. Finite elements method is based on such a mesh for instance.

Keridwen mesh edition and analysis tools allow to perform operations on 3D unstructured meshes and to analyse their quality.

Key features

Keridwen mesh edition and analysis tools provide the following key features:

  • Mesh 3D visualisation
  • Quantitative analysis of a mesh (number of vertices, edges, etc.)
  • Mesh quality analysis
  • Comparison of the values of the fields on two identical mesh structures
  • Add/modify/delete mesh elements
  • Allocate fields and values to mesh subsets
  • Mesh splitting
  • Mesh faces orientation

Embedded technologies

Services and Support

On demand, Artenum can provide a large set of services around these functions, for instance:

  • Graphical user interface for mesh modification
  • Development of new mesh operators, such as clipping planes for instance
  • Development of comparison methods for the comparison of two different meshes
  • Automatic mesh refinement operations
  • New mesh analysis tools
Feel free to contact us for further information.

Use cases

Keridwen Mesh Edition and Analysis tools have been successfully integrated in the following applications:

  • SPIS In SPIS, Keridwen Mesh Edition and Analysis tools is used to orient the faces of the meshes, as illustrated on figure below, and to split a thin mesh surface in two distinct surfaces. This is typically used to model solar panels that are very thin (a few centimetres width) compared to their length (often 30 metres). In order to correctly emit secondary particles for instance, these two faces of the same surface need to be oriented correctly.

  • Mesh inspector The Keridwen's Mesh Inspector is an application that provides tools for mesh quality analysis. Several diagnostic tools are provided and results can be plotted in 2D or visualised in 3D thanks to the integration of the Cassandra viewer.

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