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VTK/Java based 3D Scientific Data Viewer

Cassandra is an open source scientific data viewer based on VTK. Cassandra provides a dynamic interaction with the VTK pipeline and enables to load plugins dynamically in order to perform specific tasks in data manipulation and visualisation.

Cassandra is developed by Artenum in the frame of its internal Research and Development program and illustrates its skills in scientific visualisation and VTK technology. Cassandra has already been used for many applications in scientific computing and space environment analysis, like the SPIS project.

Services and support

Cassandra is a product of the Artenum Company. We provides a large set of services and support related to Cassandra and VTK or 3D scientific data analysis and visualisation. Our offer includes online support, trainings, on-demand developments and close-source development license.

Please visite the Cassandra's Services Page or contact us ( for further information.


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Booklets, presentation documents and documentation

Credits and Copyright

Cassandra is a product of the Artenum Company and has been developped by its team of experts in 3D visualisation and scientific data analysis.

  • Benoit Thiebault (Artenum)
  • Benjamin Jeanty-Ruard (Artenum)
  • Pierre Souquet (Artenum)
  • Sebastien Jourdain (Artenum)
  • Julien Forest (Artenum)
  • Jeremie Turbet (Artenum)
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