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To model a physical process, one often uses a mesh discretization of the continuous domain. Finite elements method is based on such a mesh for instance. The generation of the mesh from a CAD file is a very complex task that Keridwen mesh tools perform using Gmsh open source software. These tools also offer export capabilities and a 3D visualisation tool based on Cassandra.

Key features

Keridwen mesh tools provide the following key features:

  • Generate a 3D unstructured mesh from a given properly configured CAD file
  • Export the mesh in Gmsh .msh format
  • Visualise 3D unstructured meshes

Embedded technologies

Services and Support

On demand, Artenum can provide a large set of services around these functions, for instance:

  • Support of new import mesh formats
  • Advanced meshing algorithms
  • Advanced configuration of the mesher
Feel free to contact us for further information.

Success Stories

Keridwen Meshing module has been successfully integrated in the following real application cases:

  • SPIS In SPIS, the numerical kernel performs the plasma modelling in a volumic domain that is discretized by a 3D unstructured mesh.
    SPIS uses Keridwen meshing module to generate this mesh from a given CAD file or to directly import a mesh file. It also uses Keridwen meshing features to display the generated mesh in 3D.

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