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As initial and main developer of Cassandra, Artenum proposes a set of products and services, especially oriented towards the needs of the industry and the scientific communities.

Cassandra Development License

In addition to the open source releases, a Development License can be purchased. The Cassandra Development License authorises final users to develop, integrate or interface Cassandra and its software components (library, plug-ins...) into other proprietary software and projects. The development license also includes the right to develop proprietary plug-ins, as well as an online technical and deployment support.

For more information, please contact us at: contact [at]

Cassandra and VTK on-demande developments

Artenum has developed a deep knowledge in 3D scientific data analysis and visualisaiton, especially using the VTK processing based on Java technologies. Artenumís team has already developed various pre/post-processing and visualisation tools based on VTK either for specific orders or in the frame of internal R&D. Artenum offers a wide range of services and products, based on VTK and Cassandra.

  • Expertise and audit of your post-processing chains
  • Development of specific plug-ins for dedicated processing
  • Design and development of complete visualisation pipelines in Java, C++ or Python/Jython
  • Integration of Cassandra and/or VTK based processing modules into existing software or environment (modelling framework)
  • Development of interfaces or import/export modules for specific formats (STEP, MED, mesh… )
Please see Artenum's commercial site for further informations.


Artenum offers courses on the client site or in our location in Paris. Each course can be customised and adapted to the specific needs of the client. Prices and conditions vary depending on the number of students and the level of customisation.

Please see Artenum's commercial site for further informations.

Advanced and specific plug-ins

Advanced and dedicated proprietary plug-ins are already available or can be developped on demand. A catalogue is regularly updated on the Artenum Web site.

For more information, please see our Web Site or contact us at: contact [at]

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