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Cassandra is a modular and advanced 3D scientific data viewer. Cassandra is written in Java and based on the Visualization ToolKit, VTK. Like in OpenDX, Cassandra includes a graphical visualisation pipeline editor based on the DedalEgraph library.

Data processings are performed through an extensive set of dynamical and independent plug-ins. Cassandra already provides several processing filters such as cutting functions, isolevels and data threshold. Plug-ins can be any kind of data processing such as import/export module or VTK pipeline definition. Cassandra is actually a VTK framework providing the common features on generic VTK objects and simplifies the creation of processing filters. The existing filters are automatically loaded at the runtime. This feature allows a wide flexibility in the definition of filters and provides a highly customisable generic VTK viewer. It should also simplify the learning curve of the VTK library by non-specialists.

An advanced Python/Jython console, JyConsole, completes the system and allows quick prototyping possibilites and the direct manipulation of all objects used in the system, independently of their initial language (C++/Java/Python). JyConsole includes an object-oriented completion.

Additionnal products and related services are available on our Web site or by contacting us (E-mail: contact (at) artenum (dot) com).

Plug-ins, scripts and additional modules are available here.

DedalEgraph and JyConsole are projects initiated and developed by Artenum. Please see our product page for more information.

Quick start

With the binary package you should be able to directly execute the cassandra script.

  • On Windows you can directly double-click on the cassandra.bat file.
  • On Linux you can run cassandra by executing the script.
If you meet any problem, you might need to fix the path of your Java command in your script. You must specify the Java executable command of a JRE and NOT a JDK.


A tutorial as been made in PDF and can be downloaded here

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