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JyConsole is using Swing to offer a powerful and customizable graphical user interface. The features of modern UNIX consoles have been taken and improved to provide an innovative and helpful Python/Jython console.

The following screenshots illustrate the simplicity and the features available on JyConsole

Dynamic object completion (Ctrl + Space)

Script loading (Right click) and Dynamic text adaptation to the window size

Caution: One of the loaded script (Error) throws an exception, and the purpose of that animation is to show the error feedback and the resize mechanism.

from java.util import ArrayList

list = ArrayList() list.get(1)

class Mop:
    def init(self, s):
        self.t_string = s

def str(self): return self.t_string

class Mip: def init(self, s="le rugby"): self.t_string = s self.t_float = 1.0 self.t_int = 1 self.t_mop = Mop("c'est fort") self.t_unicode = u"grrrrrrrr" self.t_list = ["a", 1, 1.0, Mop("toto")] self.t_tuple = (1, 2, 3, 4, "saas", u"fdf") self.t_dict = { "a": 1, "b": 1.0, "c": Mop("TIGER !!!"), "d": "salut" }

def str(self): return str(self.t_float) + str (self.t_int) + " " + self.t_string + str(self.t_mop)

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