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  • Object completion on Java and Python/Jython objects.
  • Command history.
  • Current command process killable during execution by the escape key.
  • Command line thread context manager that can be set at startup (in file).
  • Command line always accessible and visible even during standard output.
  • Automatic script loading at startup for context initialization.
  • Resizable command line regarding the windows width.
  • External configuration file for application configuration and preferences (

Platform compatibility:

  • JyConsole has been developed in pure Java, and the only requirement is regarding Java with its virtual machine, no need to add a Python/Jython application or interpreter.
  • JyConsole has been successfully tested on JVM 1.4.x and 1.5.x under Linux, Windows and Mac OS X.
  • No specific hardware is needed.
  • The Jython 2.1 package is provided as thirdpart and can be donwloaded here :
  • JyConsole requires a JVM 1.4.X or higher even for the binary package which already provides the external libraries.

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