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Artenum services: an adapted response

The Artenum company provides a set of services for your organization to use and benefit from using JyConsole in a proprietary or open source manner. Artenum, as the JyConsole first author, can provides specific development and integration, on demand. Please see our Web site for further information.

  • Proprietary license for close source developments
JyConsole is an OpenSource project of the Artenum company and is available under the QPL license. This license allow OpenSource development around JyConsole.

If your development required close source components for any reason, Artenum provides a specific developer license in complement of the open source one. This license is done between Artenum and its client, and allows the client to benefit from JyConsole without any constraint to distribute your project as open source to the community.

  • On demand development and JyConsole integration
On your demand, Artenum's technical team can integrate JyConsole into your Java application, offering easily advanced scripting facilities to your software.

The integration of Jython as Java-based Python interpreter reinforces the interoperability with Python-based business applications.

Our integration service may include the development of additional Java software components and Jython/Python scripts to facilitate specific configurations and/or business process. JyConsole is allready included in several professional software like SPIS, Keridwen, Cassandra.

  • Support and services
The general Artenum's Support Services proposes an online maintenance and support service, including training, bugs fixes or specific demands.

For more information about our commercial offers and services, services Web page or contact us:

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