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In most of modelling processes and scientific data analysis, one of the main difficulties is the data conversion. De facto, data conversion is the major issue to be addressed by IMEs. Scientific software use a very large set of formats, most of them specific or developed “in-house”. Behind the format itself, data may have various types of structures (structured or unstructured grids, trees...) and maybe very complexes. To interface several simulation software, units should also be taken into account.

Conversions maybe long and difficult operations with a high source of errors and being costly in terms of resources (CPU and memories) The use of validated convertors is an important factor of confidence into the final results. Keridwen and its related components provide a large set of optimised and validated conversion modules.

Key functions

Mesh and grids: Most of numerical models required a grid to perform computations and store data. Such grid may have various structures (structured, unstructured), coordinates systems (Cartesian, polar...) and used various types of cells (triangles, quad, tetrahedrons...). Theses structures may be stored through into various formats. Keridwen and its related technologies currently support the following mesh structure and format

  • 3D Tethraedric and 2D triangular meshes on Cartesian coordinates systems:
    • Supported formats: Gmsh, STL, VTK, various mesh formats;
Fields deployed on grids: Generated data are frequently deployed on mesh and grids. This includes times series on 1D grids or fields on 2D or 3D meshes. Various types of data can be taken into account. In the frame of Keridwen, the following types of data are supported and can be in a large part converted from/to various file formats.
  • Multi-dimension;
  • Supported data types: scalar, vectors, objects;
  • Data formats: NetCDF, XML, VTK...
Post-processing and visualisation formats: Data generated or processed by Keridwen’s components can be converted toward most of classic post-processing and visualisations tools. This includes the following formats:
  • VTK and related formats;
  • Gmsh data fields;
  • Virtual reality formats: VRML, X3D/X3Db...
Geometrical and CAD models: Various CAD formats can be imported and converted.
  • Gmsh's geo format;
  • STEP;
  • IGES.
Key-value based parameters: Most of scientific software are set through key-value based inputs parameters. Keridwen provides a large set of import/export modules supporting various formats:
  • Raw based ASCII files
  • XML based files
  • Excel and OpenOffice data sheet formats

Embbeded Technologies:

Services and Support

The Artenum team proposes its expertise to develop on-demand data conversion units by:

  • Composition of available import/export modules
  • On-demand development of tailored import/export modules
  • Design of tailored processing pipelines;
  • Data consistency validation;
  • Development and installation of unit-test based validation chain for the whole conversion chain;
  • Performance optimisation (CPU and memory cost) of conversion procedures;
  • Adaptation for network based data exchange.
Feel free to contact us for further information.

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