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The Groups Editor is high-level module (i.e. runnable module) to attribute numerical and physical properties on various sub-set of a meshed numerical model. The Groups Editor can typically be used to set Initial and Boundary Conditions in pre-processing.

Based on Frida, the Groups and Properties Editor is dedicated to allow users to defined IBC (Initial and Boundary Conditions) or material properties in numerical models during the pre-processing phase of their modelling processes.

For meshed objects, it can map the characteristics attributed to each Property on the corresponding sub-sets of the mesh as Penelope's DataFields. Characteristics of Properties are then available as simple fields deployed and the mesh and can be easily passed to all can of classic simulation kernel, like simple arrays.

Supported Properties can gather a large set of types of Characteristics (e.g. Double, Integer, String, Objects…). The used Frida’s structure is very generic and extensible. It is also possible to store tabulated functions and series of values using the SeriesOfDoubleCharactristics and TupleOfDoubleCharacteristic classes for tabulated values. Properties can be agredated in order to compose compound Properties to facilitate the progressive extension of the database.

The GUI includes a 3D viewer, based on Cassandra, and a dynamic edition tree to allow the user to perform fine settings in a WISIWIG approach. A mechanism of pre-settings, based on group-types/property-types couples, can be used to help the user by automatic presettings.

An XML based persistence scheme allows save and reload handled Properties in a very efficient and reliable way. Aditional persistency scheme can be added. Keridwen is an open-source modular toolbox gathering, through interoperable software modules, a structured set of key functions common to most of the scientific software.

Key Features

  • Hierarchical Properties/Characteristic structure
  • Generic characteristic localisation on mesh element (node, edge, face, cell)
  • Managment of groups priority
  • XML based persistency scheme

Embedded Technologies

  • The Keridwen's Groups and Properties Editor is based on the Frida library.
  • The 3D viewer is based on Cassandra.

Services and Support

On demand, the Artenum's team can provide a large set of services:

  • Introduction of new or tailored Properties and Characteristics types (e.g SIG markers);
  • Introdcution of new persistency or import/export functions, like interfacing with relationnal data-base (e.g centralised material data-base);
  • Advanced pre-configuration by group-types filtering for tailored applications;
  • Advanced and tailored Characteristics mapping operators, including Intial and Boundary Conditions pre-validation.
Feel free to contact us for further information.

The Success Story

The Keridwen's Groups and Properties has been successfully used in the following projects:

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